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A giveaway/contest is overdue, don’t you think? For the next couple of weeks I will be going on a hiatus while I hide in the cave prepping for my next show. So while I’m gone, let’s do this giveaway.

1st Prize (instagram): An original oil painting. Once the winner is chosen I will contact you & discuss what you want painted.

2nd + 3rd Prize (instagram + tumblr): 18x24 print of the winners choice

How to win? Super simple, actually.

Tumblr: Follow mariella-angela & reblog/like this post. Reblogging multiple times won’t increase your chance of winning.

Instagram: Follow @itsmariel & post your favorite painting. Be sure to tag me in the picture + #mariellaangela so I’ll be able to see them. Make sure your page is on public.

You can dig through my feeds or just check the gallery on — These paintings are actually my moms favorite pieces. Homegirl is both my momager & #1 fan, with that said SHE will be choosing the winners. So I’d be careful about language HAHAH call her pretty. That’ll probably help.. maybe. Winners will be announced August 15. Good luck, love you guys. Thank you for the unbelievable support!

You’re mom is a beautiful woman , who birthed and raised a very talented person. I love you’re artwork and if I wasn’t living off ramen noodles in my dorm I’d buy all of them.

Everyone needs to step their game up my mom like loves this guy HAHAH

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